Roy Eric
47 years old, is a new arrival on the Dayton art scene.
Born in Nantes, France, with an artistic soul to a family and environment with little artistic culture, he spent his childhood in Port Saint Pere, a small village in the Loire Atlantique region in France, yearning for an artistic outlet.
Eric’s passion for drawing and sketching began early in his childhood and grew with time, fueled only by his imagination.
He took up painting seriously in 2011. After having taught himself the art of painting, and having experimented with various materials and techniques, he has found his own unique style working with acrylic on canvass and wood.
He is now ready to show to the world his creations of abstract paintings. Each creation is a unique expression in form and style that captures his love for movement and colors.

For business inquiries, advertising, and collaborations, please contact :
Google Voice Number : + 937 340 1613